The digital era is changing the daily life and learning patterns of people. During recent years, the evolutions of network technology and the prevalence of all kinds of mobile devices have influenced the patterns of learners and the applied cloud technology on education without the limitation of time and space. Consequently, the educators are able to use more different types of teaching materials to collocate the suitable teaching techniques to enrich the nature of teaching, engage children in class and increase the fun and outcome of teaching. Education Technology turns into a terminology or an issue that gets everyone’s attention because of this powerful strength and trend. It is absolute the duty for contributors of education to understand the relevant concepts about integration of digital technology and teaching.

“International Conference on E-Learning and Educational Technology (ICEET) 2016” is a wonderful interactive occasion for researchers and practitioners of E-learning and educational technology. In addition, scholars, teachers and professionals all over the world will attend the conference to give lectures about E-learning, share pioneering developments on E-learning or educational technology applications and promote diversified teaching applications. We truly hope ICEET 2016 will help to inspire interests of learners for more flexible thinkings and broader visions; the most important is to improve teachers’ nature and quality of teaching and to create the innovative campus cultures.

Theory Study
Cloud Technology
Smart Board
Interactive Technology
Future Classroom
Other Innovative Applications

Practices Study
Cloud Technology Application
Smart-Board Integrated Teaching
Teaching Application of E-Textbook
Teaching Application of Creative Development
Interactive Technology
Future Classroom
Other Innovative Applications
Theory Study
Student Learning Models
E-Learning Environments

Practices Study
Student Learning Models & Outcomes
Distance-Learning & Teaching & Training
Environments and Tools-Developments for E-Learning
Information Technology Integrated Teaching
Other Digital Teaching Theories & Education
Theory Study
Technological Capability Index for Administration Personnel
Technology Skills Index for Teachers
Technology Skills Index for Students
Technology Leadership Model
Curricula Leadership Model
Teaching Leadership Model

Practices Study
Technology Leadership & Efficacy of Schools
Technology Leadership & Efficacy of Teachers
Experiences Sharing of Practical Technology Leadership
Role Analysis for Technology Leadership
Theory Study
3D Printing
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Robotics for Education
Intelligent Bricks
Board Game
Tabletop game
Time Lapse Photography
STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
STEAM( Science, Technology, Engineering,Art and Mathematics)

Practices Study
3D Printing
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integrated Teaching
Robotics for Educational Use
Creative Thinking with Intelligent Bricks
Game-Based Learning with Tabletop Game
Tabletop game Combined with Science Application
Time Lapse Photography Integrated Teaching
Augmented Reality
STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
STEAM( Science, Technology, Engineering,Art and Mathematics)
Time Wednesday, June 1st, from 9AM to 4PM (GMT+8)

International Convention Center Kaohsiung 6F

(No.274, Zhongzheng 4th Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan)

Targets Maximum participator quota is 150 for members from Education Bureau/Department of every city/county, from every college/university and K12 schools in Taiwan.
Registration Complete register online before April 29th 2016
Fees 1. General participators are free of charge, not including lunch.
2. The fee of presenters is listed in “Presenting Fee”. (Lunch is included)
Presenting Fee: USD 100
Note: Payment information is detailed in Manuscripts Submission
Contact Information: Contact Person:Miss Judy Peng
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