Manuscripts Submission Reviewing Results List of Accepted Manuscripts Proceedings Collection
Deadline of Submission within 500 Words:Tuesday, April 26th (Taipei Time)
Notification of Reviewing Results for Contributions within 500 Words:Tuesday, May 10th (Taipei Time)
Announcement of Accepted Manuscript within 500 Words:Friday, May 13th (Taipei Time)
Deadline of Submission in Full-text:Friday, June 10th (Taipei Time)
Guide for Authors:
All articles must be submitted to via email, and be in Word file format. Please list the title of article, and 3 to 5 keywords in Chinese or English. The authors could complete the articles within 500 words in Chinese or English, and the deadline of submission is Tuesday, April 26th (Taipei Time).
The enrollees from the announcement list on Friday, May 13th (Taipei Time), could freely choose to complete with full-text or not. Please submit your manuscript in full-text to via email and in Word file format before Friday, June 10th (Taipei Time), if you want to complete with full-text. Your articles must be composed in the style format of the 《Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association®, Fifth Edition》 and be in the order of Title in Chinese or English, Abstract in Chinese or English, Main-text(annotations are in footnote format), Appendix and Reference. The Chinese abstract should not exceed 350 words, and the English abstract should not exceed 200 words, and all should be listed with 3 to 5 keywords. Please use Times New Roman font for English, and Standard-Kaiti font for Chinese. For further guide and examples, please refer to the following documents: Writing Principal, Examples of APA Style Format, Accepted Manuscript Guidelines and Sample of Manuscript.
The enrollees to submit the manuscript within 500 words will be showed on the posters in the conference, and the oral presenters need to provide Power Point slides, and one of the authors of the manuscript must attend the conference as the presenter.
Proceedings Collection will cover the accepted manuscripts, and allow all scholars and researchers download the manuscripts for academic purposes only. The copyright of all manuscripts, which are once published in ICEET Periodicals, belong to ICEET.
CACET not only provides the manuscripts in electronic format on the conference official page, but also publishes in the journal, 《Educational Technology and Learning》. After ICEET, the authors could link to the webpage ( to submit the manuscripts in periodical paper style.
Each participator, whose name and manuscript are showed on the list of accepted manuscripts completed paying presenting fee, is deemed as a presenter. Any presenter is not allowed to withdraw and reimburse. Conference committee holds the right to cancel the qualification for the applicant who fails to provide complete correct information finish paying