Wednesday, 16th May 2018
from 9AM to 4PM (GMT+8)


National Taichung University of Education
No.140, Minsheng Rd., West Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan


150 openings will be available for educators, education professionals, PhD Students of leading academics, instructional designers, curriculum developers, educational technology leaders, governors and municipalities.


9th May 2018


General participants are not charged;
no luncheon is included.


Presenting fee of US$200, inclusive of luncheon, is required for overseas presenters.


E-learning originated from distance-learning has been spread rapidly all over the world for more than 50 years from 1960s. With the fuel of technology developments, including digital technology, cloud technology, artificial intelligence, motion sensing technology and other mobile device applications, teaching is no longer limited to time and space and materials are able to be applied more actively. Educators are able to collocate suitable teaching techniques to enrich the nature of teaching, engage children in class, and increase the fun and outcome of teaching through the use of diversified teaching materials. The assists of technology in teaching have become indispensable for teachers; issues on E-learning and relevant concepts have arouse the attention to every contributors in education.

The International Conference on E-learning and Educational Technology (ICEET) 2018 is a wonderful interactive occasion for researchers and education practitioners of e-learning and educational technology. It opens the door to meet, discuss and network with thought leaders, policy makers, higher education leaders, and technology & learning experts. The pioneering developments of e-learning and educational technology will be shared and the latest best practice will be shown in the hope to give participants new insights on opportunities and challenges that change the world of learning.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Innovation & Application
for Education
E-Teaching Design & Curriculum
Curriculum & Instructional Leadership with Technology
Theory Study Theory Study Theory Study
Cloud Technology Information Integrated Teaching Index of Technology Skills
Future Classroom Student Learning Models School Technology Management & Development
Wearable Technology Collaborative Learning Teacher Professional Development
3D Printing Game-Based Learning School Effectiveness Measurement
Robotics for Education Mobile Learning Information Literacy
Intelligent Bricks Individualized Learning Curriculum Leadership Model with Technology
Computational thinking/ Programming Project-Based Learning Instructional Leadership Model with Technology
STEM/STEAM Other E-Teaching Designs & Curriculum Research-Developments Other Curriculum & Instructional Leadership with Technology
Artificial Intelligence    
Smart School    
Learning with Big Data    
Other Innovative Applications    
Study of Applications & Practices
of Teaching
Study of Applications & Practices
of Teaching
Study of Applications
Application of Cloud Technology Information Technology Education Integrated Teaching Technology Leadership & School Effectiveness
Teaching Applications of New Technology Student Learning Models & Outcomes Technology Leadership & Teacher Effectiveness
Practices of Computational Thinking/ Programming Teaching Environments & Tools Developing for E-Learning Practices Sharing of Leadership with Technology
STEM/STEAM Teaching Practices Teaching Practices of Project-Based Learning Role Analysis of Technology Leadership
VR/AR/MR Teaching Practices Teaching Practices of Collaborative Learning Other Practices of Curriculum & Instructional Leadership with Technology
Application of Smart School Teaching Practices of Game-Based Learning  
Other Innovative Teaching Practices Other E-Teaching Practices