Abstract Submission Deadline:16th March 2018
Author Notification Date:
9th April 2018
Full-Text Paper Deadline:
20th April 2018
Slides Deadline (Oral presenters only):
20th April, 2018
Registration Deadline:
9th May 2018
Final Full Paper Deadline (For proceedings):
31st May 2018


  • Abstract Submission Requirement:
    All manuscripts must be submitted via Please list the title of article, and 3 to 5 keywords. The authors could complete the abstract of manuscripts within 500 words in English, and show their preferred way of presenting (oral or visual presentation). The subject of submitted email must show clearly [ICEET-2018 Submitted Manuscript (Name of Author(s) by Way of Publishing)]. For example, ICEET-2018 Submitted Manuscript (John Smith by Visual Presentation). The deadline of submission is 16th March 2018.

  • Full-Text Submission Format:
    The full-text manuscripts must be composed in the style format of the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association®, Fifth Edition" and be in the order of Title, Abstract, Main-text (annotations are in footnote format), Appendix and Reference. The abstract should not exceed 200 words, and all should be listed with 3 to 5 keywords. For further details and examples, please refer to the following documents: Writing PrincipalExamples of APA Style FormatMain-text Writing Style Guidelines and Sample of Manuscript.

    The minimum pages and the maximum pages of the visual presentation manuscript should be 2 pages and 4 pages; the oral presentation manuscript should be no more than 8 pages; the aforementioned manuscripts must contain the abstract, diagrams, references, appendix and others. English word font must be Times New Roman.

    The enrollees to submit the manuscript to visual presentation will be turned into a poster and showed on the posters in the conference. The oral presenters need to provide Power Point slides before 20th April 2018. If the accepted paper has multiple authors, one of the authors of the paper must attend the conference as the presenter.

  • Conference Proceedings:
    All accepted papers will be collected in E-Proceedings and announced on the 2018 ICEET Official website one month after the conference. It allows to be downloaded for academic purposes only. The copyright of all papers, which are once published, belong to ICEET. Please submit the final full paper for E-Proceedings no later than 31st of May 2018.