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▶Date of the Notification of Acceptance List:May 12(Fri), 2023

  • For reviewers' comments, please log in to the paper submission online system and go to Member Center → Progress Enquiry → Progress of Manuscripts → View
  • Accepted oral & poster presenters are requested to complete the registration process via ICEET registration system .
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  • Accepted oral presenters are required to send PowerPoint files (template 4:3 16:9 ) to before May 19(Fri), 2023. At least one of the presenters must be present at the conference venue to go through the full-text of the paper.
  • Accepted poster presenters should follow the template provided by the executive organizer to design an A1 size poster ( template ), print and bring their own poster to the conference, post it at a specified location of the venue. During the Poster Session / Tea Coffee Break session, poster presenters could explain their own research proposal to ensure that the paper reviewers fully understand the content of the poster and to be beneficial for the review process of the Best Poster Award.
  • Once the ICEET team confirms all of the above information is correct, the acceptance certificate of papers (digital) will be sent to the presenter’s email address after the conference.
  • At the end of the conference, Best Paper Award and Best Poster Award will be given.
  • After the date of conference, please send the full-text of formal papers to before June 16(Fri),2023, to ensure that the executive of conference E-proceedings.
  • The full-text manuscripts must be composed in the style format of the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association®" and be in the following order: Title(including Chinese and English), Abstract(including Chinese and English), Main-text (annotations are in footnote format), Appendix and Reference. The length of the Chinese abstract should be no more than 350 words, the English abstract should be no more than 200 words, and 3-5 key words should be listed out. The font for Chinese should be DFKai-SB, and the font for English should be Times New Roman. Please check out the files below for more details about the writing principals. Writing Principal , Examples of APA Style Format , Main-text Writing Style Guidelines and Sample of Manuscript .
  • All accepted papers will be collected in E-Proceedings and announced on the 2023 ICEET Official website on July 21(Fri), 2023. It allows to be downloaded for academic purposes only. The copyright of all papers which are once published belong to ICEET.
  • The ICEET committee not only issues E- proceedings on the official website, but also publishes Educational Technology and Learning journal. It is recommended for contributors to submit their papers via email: to take part in the review process for journal submission after ICEET. As long as the papers are accepted, they will be published in Educational Technology and Learning journal. Please check out the website of Educational Technology and Learning for more details about the writing principals.

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ICEET-2023 The oral presenters

20230323482 The Study of Internet Interaction Patterns Analysis on a Facebook Community Website of Popular Science  WEN-CHIEH LO, MENG-PING TSUE
20230416421 An Assessment of Self-driving Breaking System with Different Sensors and Autonomous Controls YU-CHENG HUANG, JU-MEI YU, CHAO-MING HUANG
20230416783 Action research on the learning benefits of innovative teaching design combined with life experience courses-Taking freshman Chinese reading and expression as an example  HWEI-HSUAN WANG
20230419987 The Study of Optometrists’ Acceptance of Digital Game-Based Learning SHU-YI LI, MENG-PING TSUE
20230421201 Analysis of the Human-Machine Interface for Online Learning Systems – A Case Study of Imagic E-Learning Platform ZI-JUAN LUO, JEN-YI CHAO
20230426325 The Case Study of Cross-Classrooms Online Collaborative Teaching YU-HSIN TANG, SHAN-SHAN CHENG, YEN-RU LAI
20230427199 The Effects of Integrating Digital Games-based Learning
with Inquiry-based Learning on Elementary Student’s Motivation,
Achievement and Quality of Notes in Natural Science
20230427730 Using the Technology Acceptance Model to Explore Learning Satisfaction of Distance Education via Gather Town. ZIH-HAN LIN, HSIAO-SHEN WANG
20230427207 Using AI Image Recognition Technology to Assist in the Development of Sign Language Learning Course HSIEN-SHENG HSIAO, TZU-YU YEH, HSUAN-YI CHI, JAU-JEN LEE, CHUN-HAN CHANG, LI-CHI WANG
20230502320 Effects of spherical video-based virtual reality and multimedia interactive digital platform with podcast production on elementary students' learning achievement, self-efficacy, and problem-solving tendencies TIEN-CHIH CHANG, CHIA-YU WANG
20230503915 A Study of the Efficacy of Media Literacy Skills Among 5th and 6th Grade Elementary School Students JUI-LING YUAN
20230504883 Development and Evaluation of Teaching Materials for Drone Courses in Primary and Secondary Schools HUNG-YU SANG, YUAN-YAN HUANG, TING-YUN HU, ZHI-FENG LIU
20230504882 The Study of Junior High School English Teachers' Application of AI-Assisted Text Analysis Module and Its Teaching Effectiveness WAN-CHIN HSIEH, TZU-LING PAN, I-HUA CHANG
20230308135 Connecting Physical and Virtual Programming for K-3 Students with VEX 123 YU-HAN LIN, DAVID WEINTROP, JASON MCKENNA, MU-DI LUO

ICEET-2023 The poster presenters

20230412783 Switch Mode: Building a Middle Ground between Block-based and Text-based Programming YU-HAN LIN, DAVID WEINTROP, JASON MCKENNA, MU-DI LUO
20230420655 The Investigation of Color Sensor in Detecting outcomes under Different Circumstances TZU-HUI PAN, JIA-YING WU, YI LI, CHAO-MING HUANG
20230424832 Asynchronous Online Instructional Design of Taiwan Popular Music for Adults SHEN-WEI LIU, JEN-YI CHAO
20230425922 A Music Genre Classification Mechanism for Enhancing Music Literacy Through Online Music Streaming Platform YU-AN CHEN, CHIH-CHIEN HU
20230426311 Using Natural Language Processing Techniques to Address the Bilingual Teaching Challenges in Education and its Benefit Analysis HENG-YOU LIN, WEN-CHAO YEH, YUNG-CHUN CHANG
20230427541 The Influence of Inquiry-Based Teaching on the Science Attitude and
Learning Achievement of Primary School Children:Take "Wonderful Dissolution" As An Example
20230427430 Development and Evaluation of Cognitive Ease of Use of Optical ID Technology for Phonological Awareness and Spelling Learning Assistance System TUNG SHEN, GWO-HAUR HWANG, CHAO-YI HUANG
20230427027 Research on Parameter Optimization of Neural Network Parameters for Rear Vehicle License Plate Detection CHUN-PU LIN, TUNG-KUANG WU
20230427094 A Study of Mixed Reality Applications in School Libraries XIANG-WEI ZHENG, HONG-REN CHEN
20230427177 In the perspective of school-based curriculum development: A case study of a Taipei elementary school's technology curriculum development I-CHEN HUANG
20230427468 The Impact of Online Learning in the Post-epidemic Era on Learning Outcomes: Self-efficacy, Online Learning Strategies XIAO-YU HUANG
20230427655 The Relationships among Course Satisfaction, Learning Motivation, and Learning effectiveness of Computing Thinking Course YI-CHIA CHIANG
20230428925 Exploring and Showcasing the Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Parsons Problem Instruction SHOU-HENG HSU, CHIH-KAI CHANG
20230428416 A study on the integration of visual thinking into the curriculum to facilitate university students' exploration of personal core values CHIEN-JUNG HONG
20230428963 The tentative exploration about future classroom for Chinese language instruction CHUNG-HSIEN CHUNG, JU-LING SHIH, MIAO-CHI CHANG
20230428754 Mobile App assist the elementary school students to practice musical instruments:A case study of“Joy Party” HAO-CHANG LO, YU-JOU LIU
20230428607 A Survey on the Effect of Film and Television Works Describing Autistic People on Movie Viewers MING-CHING TAI
20230430588 Internal marketing strategies and teacher professional learning communities: A case study of a smart learning school in New Taipei City PI-SHAN CHANG
20230502172 A Preliminary Study on the Effectiveness of Information Technology in
Improving the Healthcare Learning of Aging Learners in COVID-19
pandemic: Ape-like Fixed-point Slow Jogging As An Example
20230503286 The development and application of artificial intelligence in school administration YI-FANG CHEN
20230503170 An Initial Exploration of Combining Puzzle Games with Environmental Issues: A Case Study of 'Cones' RUEI-HONG CHEN, HSIAO-SHEN WANG, KAI-YOU LIN, CHING HSIAO, HSUAN-TI WU
20230503594 A Study on the Innovation of Disc Dispenser in the VEX Competition SHUNG-YUAN SEAN LEE
20230504402 Strategies and Analysis of Chatbots in Python Teaching: A Case Study from 2020 to 2023 YU-MING CHEN
20230504474 Using Virtual Reality Technology to Construct an Eco-Museum – A Case Study of National Taiwan University Museums YU-CHUN WANG, WEI-JANE LIN
20230504193 Explore the relationships between scientific epistemic beliefs and
performance of critical skills in an elementary problem-based robot project
20230504453 To Use ChatGPT AI chatbot in Application of Science Education Teaching PEI-CHEN WU, CHIH-HSIUNG KU
20230504157 Developing an innovative teaching model of natural sciences taught by EMI PEI-CHEN WU, CHIH-HSIUNG KU
20230504584 Application of CLIL teaching mode in elementary school music teaching YI-TING LIN
20230504763 Practical research on the design of children's picture books for food and agriculture education HUNG-PIN HSU
20230504829 An empirical study on the learning effect of gamified food and agriculture education materials HUNG-PIN HSU
20230504422 Exploration of the influence of mindfulness courses on the emotional regulation ability of preschool children with ADHD LIANG-YIN CHEN
20230504616 Study on the Construction of Indicators and Path Models for Smart Leadership, Smart Schools, and Smart Education TZU-LING PAN, I-HUA CHANG
20230505952 Investigating Nursing College Students’ Digital Curation
Competency through Healthcare Animation Design
20230505214 The Effect of Integrating Error-Based Instruction with Ill-Structured Problem-Solving Game on Learning Disaster Education MUHAMAD ARIS BURHANUDIN, CHIA-YU WANG, SU-FEN CHEN